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Inventory Header

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We are an independent Rentals Inspection Service providing Inventory & Check In Inspections and Exit Inspections on behalf of Landlords and Agents in the Western Cape.

We cover the following areas - Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard, Western Seaboard.

The Inventory Inspection:

We make a comprehensive inventory of contents, fixtures and fittings of your property. The document is agreed by both landlord and tenant and includes a full description of the condition of walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, paintwork, light fittings, woodwork, windows, radiators, etc

We compile a full list of ALL the contents within the property, this includes all kitchen appliances, furniture in all rooms and additional contents.

You will receive a full inventory document including multiple colour photos detailing the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.

The Check-in:

At the start of a tenancy we produce a schedule of overall condition and cleanliness, make any changes to the inventory document and ask the tenant to sign the inventory.

The Exit Inspection:

At the end of a tenancy we compare the state of the property to the original inventory. We list all changes, make recommendations, and, where practical, advise on compensation.
You will receive a full exit inspection report including multiple colour photos detailing the condition and any dilapidations.

Helping you avoid disputes:

Our aim is to ensure that the relationship between you and your tenants is based on a mutual agreement of the condition of a property and its contents before, during, and after a tenancy.

The quality of our work guarantees that disputes over damage or defects are rare. If they do occur, they can be settled quickly and easily by reference to our work.

Protect your property

Your property is your most valuable asset. That means you do your best to protect your investment and to maintain its rental potential. Unfortunately, time, accidents, negligence, and even willful damage can impact your property, no matter how carefully you choose your tenants.

Landlords and the TDS

If a tenancy results in damages, a comprehensive inventory of your property is essential if you hope to retain all or part of a tenant's deposit. Compiling an inventory that contains a full list of your property's contents and the condition of each of its fixtures and fittings is a time-consuming process. The inventory can form part of the contract between tenant and landlord and must contain sufficient detail to remove all uncertainty when it comes to any discussion of missing or damaged property or contents. The law does not stipulate that you need an inventory. But, with all dispute resolution hearings depending on paperwork, a landlord is unlikely to win any dispute without being able to show an agreed inventory. Indeed, if you allow a tenancy to begin without the production of an inventory, you may well be exposing yourself to financial risk.

The easier option

You know your inventory is vitally important. But it takes time and skill to create one that offers the best chance of winning any dispute. We perform the task many times a day and are aware of exactly what's needed to ensure there's no ambiguity when it comes to agreeing the condition of a property.